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From. Wikipedia. The stigmas are receptive the day before anthesis, however, become increasingly receptive on the day of anthesis. From. Wikipedia. The style continues to grow until anthesis, when the nectaries begin to produce nectar. From. Wikipedia. The ovary is unlobed at anthesis, becoming lobed during maturity.
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outer perianth segments erect at anthesis; fruit semicapsular, soon becoming dry, spreading. Leaves rigid, fibrous, the margins corneous, sharply toothed 1. Y. brevifolia 2. Plants not treelike, branched only toward the base or sometimes (in Y. Schottii) arborescent and branched as high as 2 m. above the base, up to 5.5 m.
Flowers 1-1.7 mm in early anthesis, becoming 1.5-3 mm; yellow in early anthesis, becoming reddish yellow to red, glandular; tepals dimorphic, those of outer whorl oblong-elliptic to obovate, those of inner whorl oblong; stamens included, 1-1.5 mm; filaments mostly glabrous. Achenes dark brown, usually lenticular, 0.6-0.8
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Inflorescences solitary or up to 6 per node, each subtended by a bracteole to 12—16 cm long; peduncles flattened somewhat laterally, minutely speckled, 6-9 cm long, to 1 cm diam, to 16 cm long in fruit; spathe creamywhite at anthesis, caducous, acuminate, ca 11 cm long; spadix white at anthesis, soon becoming pale
becoming more or less lax at start of anthesis. Corolla-tube 4-5 mm, curved below the middle. Nutlets densely and strongly tuberculate. S.E. Europe; naturalized in Spain and Portugal. 23. A. cretica Miller, Gard. Diet. ed. 8, no. 7 (1768) (Lycopsis variegata auct., non L.). Annual, hispid with slightly tubercle- based hairs; stems
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